CONTROL - Experts in process automation, PLC programming and SCADA design.
ELECTRICAL - We have full electrical design and installation capabilities
NETWORKS - Intelligent business networks for industrial and service sectors
SOFTWARE - Tailored management information systems

Tailored management information systems.


Over the years we have developed many tailored software solutions for our clients alongside our modular software packages. Our core software products are written in Visual C and C++. We develop our high performance database applications in SQL Server.

Our core products include:

Thorin is a revolutionary IT Maintenance package that monitors all aspects of a systems performance. By continuously comparing historic and current performance levels of all aspects of IT hardware and networks, Thorin will flag potential issues before they arise. Thorin is an incredibly powerful support tool for businesses of all sizes – acting as a virtual IT manager for the smaller business and as an invaluable support to IT teams in larger businesses.

Mythril is a powerful SQL based database application that complements existing SCADA systems. Mythril can be configured to collect and store data from multiple sources and devices and via a customised front end application allow users to interrogate, analyse, report and comment on the data that is relevant to them. Data can be stored and retrieved according to each client’s requirements.

Additionally we undertake specific assignments for clients – often integrating standalone or disparate systems to create powerful and flexible Management Information Systems. Commonly we create database applications that automatically capture and store information from multiple access points and seamlessly combine this information in a front end application that allows end users to interrogate this information and create customised reports.

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