Process Efficiency – default settings can generate inefficiencies. We work with clients in their own operating arena to fine-tune processes and ensure that machines and processes work at their most efficient. For example, by reducing in-built delays or increasing (or decreasing) amp or pressure settings a process can be tailored to extract maximum efficiency and product throughput. Optimisation of machinery and processes can also deliver significant cost savings through reduced energy costs, reduced wear of machine parts and reductions in machine downtime.

Monitoring Machine Health – Machine uptime can be substantially improved by measuring and monitoring machine health indicators. With a background working in complex operational businesses Sysservers have a wealth of experience in the monitoring of critical machinery and can advise on the most appropriate measurement and reporting tools for each business.

Health indicators can also be used to optimise maintenance schedules – moving away from time based maintenance programmes to condition based maintenance can deliver significant cost savings.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting – at a relatively low cost it is possible to capture key performance data and generate tailored reports that can be distributed automatically to key personnel (e.g. at the end of each shift). Identifying and capturing the right data can significantly improve business performance. Operators can be freed from the inherent inefficiency of manually capturing and recording information and Managers can be confident that the machine generated performance readings are accurate and reliable.



One of Europe’s largest tyre recycling facilities. Based in Sheffield. Processing and handling up to 50,000 tonnes of end of life tyres and tyre derived waste materials.

• Budget constrained – every £ spent was carefully scrutinised to ensure rapid payback
• Antiquated equipment – operating on multiple platforms (Omron, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley)
• Years of plant re-organisation not fully reflected in PLC code
• Harsh working environment – process categorised by use of heavy industrial plant and challenging environmental factors (airborne dust and fibres)
• Significant and continuous risk of fire – housekeeping and machine maintenance being critical to mitigate the on-going risks
• Site operates 24/7 – machine availability and throughput essential to dilute the high fixed costs of the business
• Site categorised by poor management visibility of process - few identifiable indicators/measures of performance (throughput – tonnes per hour, maintenance – downtime and evidence that essential maintenance is being carried out, housekeeping – no measures existed to demonstrate that essential housekeeping routines were being managed)
• Reliant on employee feedback (handwritten tick sheets) and “management by walking about” (i.e. audit and inspection).

Using our Industrial Network and SCADA design expertise we created a cost effective, integrated site wide SCADA system which provided the backbone for future development and immediately provided the client with real time machine performance data. Alongside this, Sysservers developed a Management Information Programme that collated key performance data and automatically generated and distributed (by email) Shift Performance Reports to key personnel at the end of each shift.

Working with the client we were able to use the data to optimise machine performance and deliver immediate tangible benefits. Within weeks of implementation the site was reporting a 30% improvement in product throughput and a measurable reduction in machine downtime.

Later projects focused on safety measures (resulting in measurable reduction in safety incidents) and machine health (leading to reduced downtime and improvement in component life cycle).



Industrial Network Design and Installation

SCADA Creation and Screen Design

Remote Monitoring

Management Information Systems: Monitoring and Reporting Software

Process Automation and Optimisation

PLC coding

Electrical Installation – Panel Build and Field Wiring