Projects completed in this field include:

• Full system design and installation of automated control system for renewable power plant (see case study below)
• G59 Protection Systems
• Grid Synchronisation Systems
• SIL 2 Rated Burner Management Systems
• Nat Gas feed system for Multi Fuel Boiler
• Development of software package that automatically demonstrates Good Quality CHP for OFGEM audit trail



Rocpower, a subsidiary of Hargreaves Services plc, commissioned Sysservers to design and install the control systems for an 8MW renewable generation plant that feeds power directly to the national grid.



The plant was designed to accommodate renewable liquid fuels of variable specification – adding significant complexity to the fuel delivery systems (fuel skid).

The generating capability was provided by five refurbished marine diesel gen sets, modified to accommodate the variable fuels.

The control system was designed to offer maximum flexibility in fuel delivery and gen set operation, whilst providing detailed diagnostics of gen set performance, exhaust gas and power delivery.

When the site transitioned from being a continuously generating site to a STOR (standby generation) site, Sysservers modified the control system so that the gen sets would start and stop automatically in response to a call from the national grid (whilst operating as a STOR site). Remote monitoring and access allowed operators to manage the site from a central control centre many miles away.



Complete System Design and Installation

SCADA Design and Maintenance

Remote Monitoring

Software Development for Monitoring and Reporting