The mining sector in the UK presents a number of unique challenges. Over a number of years of supporting businesses in the mining sector we have developed tailored solutions to meet these challenges.

Businesses are severely budget constrained as the sector continues to operate against a backdrop of historically low coal prices. The efficiency of operation and control of expenditure is vital to continuing operations – our Mythril Mines Software Package provides detailed analysis and reporting of all underground and surface operations allowing managers to make timely, informed decisions.

The coal face can be several kilometres away from the Control Room – requiring a secure, robust communications infrastructure. Control and Network Equipment needs to function reliably under extremely harsh working conditions.

Our networks are designed to withstand such conditions and redundancy is designed into the system. SysServers’ Thorin Network Monitoring software constantly monitors all aspects of the network and the attached devices, predicting potential issues before they arise. This is backed up by a 24 hour a day response service.

Environmental and Geological Risks are a constant consideration – in particular Gas levels need to be monitored constantly – our Mythril Mines Gas Detection Software provides real time monitoring of Gas levels and provides reports that satisfy regulatory reporting requirements.



Restructured under employee ownership in 2013, Hatfield Colliery, based in South Yorkshire, is one of Britain's last deep coal mines – capable of producing c1 million tonnes of coal per year. Sysservers are proud of their association with Hatfield and continue to provide a full range of services to Hatfield Colliery including:

Mythril Mines – a bespoke Management Information System – Monitoring, Analysing and Reporting on all surface and Underground Operations (in excess of 30,000 data sources)

• Gas Detection Monitoring Software
• Industrial Network Monitoring and Maintenance
• SCADA Creation and Screen Design
• Remote Monitoring
• Process Automation and Optimisation
• PLC coding
• Office IT Network and Support